Friday, October 6, 2017

Teacher and Students

"It's difficult for a student to pick a good teacher, but  it's even more difficult for a teacher to pick a good student. "
- Grandmaster Yip Man, Ving Tsun Athletic Association 

Lucky for me, I have very good students.  

The instructor inspires the student to be their best.  However in turn the students inspire the teacher to be his best as its his responsibility to help cultivate their growth.  It's a profound relationship when you think about it. 

I heard my sifu, Master Victor Parlati say the same of me and my Si-Hings and  Si-Dais.  Once you reach a level of certifiable proficiency in any discipline.  One of the essential keys to mastery in ANY discipline is to teach. Even if it's the basics.  Having to explain something to another who has no concept of that idea reinforces your knowledge and mastery of the art. 

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